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Food Defence

Training, Competency and Resources - Skills, knowledge and competency requirements to facilitate development, documentation, implementation, monitoring, corrective action, verification and validation of this Food Safety and Quality System Element.

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Skills and Knowledge: Skills and knowledge are attributes of human interactions commonly linked to competency within any specified job related task.

Training and competency requirements for Food Defence must be ongoing, including regular scheduled reviews to ensure the effectiveness of training and competency outcomes.

Team members who have defined responsibilities regarding Food Defence should have knowledge including:
- Basic Food Defence requirements;
- Positive outcomes of Food Defence;
- Negative outcomes of a lack of Food Defence;
- Current Food Defence procedures, methods and techniques;
- General operational, corporate and social awareness regarding Food Defence;
- Regulatory, industry and customer requirements regarding Food Defence.

Team members who have defined responsibilities regarding Food Defence should have skills including:
- Competency regarding basic Food Defence;
- Effective application of current Food Defence procedures, methods and techniques;
- The basic development, documentation and implementation of Food Defence and Pre-requisite Programs within the food industry sector.

Team members who have defined responsibilities regarding Food Defence should have access to resources including:
- Food Defence training;
- Food Defence associations and events;
- Regulatory standards, industry and customer information and updates regarding Food Defence;
- Incidents within the food industry sector regarding Food Defence;
- Commitment to Food Defence by senior management;
- Suitably qualified food industry professionals with verified experience in Food Defence;
- Effective communication systems including email, internet and phone through which Food Defence information can be sent and received within suitable timeframes.

The following web resources may also be of assistance in the application of Food Defence within your business operation:
- approvedsuppliernetwork.com
- certificationbodyfinder.com
- foodindustrycompliance.com
- haccp.com

If your food business supplies foodstuffs manufactured to a customer’s specifications, it is important to consider any specific Food Defence Training, Competency and Resources requirements in relation to their items.

You may wish to visit the Training, Competency and Resources section of foodindustrycompliance.com for examples of best practice applications for this food safety and quality system element.

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