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About Us

We understand the high levels of commitment, human and financial resource allocations required to manage Food Safety and Quality Systems at the highest level. This is why we developed foodindustrycompliance.com as your knowledge, information, training and review tool for Food Safety and Quality Management! We believe that Food Safety should not be a competitive advantage - It is an expected ethical responsibility that should not be dictated by excess fees and charges by some Food Safety and Quality Consultants!

We call it the “SoLFS” Method…

Sometimes a “back to basics” can facilitate amazing transformation to methods that have existed for a long time!

We have developed a Logical Sequential method for ensuring Food Safety and Quality Programs retain a sense relevance among today’s vast business management systems… We call it the “SoLFS” Method. SoLFS standards for Sequence of Logical Food Systems!

We’ve defined what we believe to be the most logical manner of facilitating the Development, Formatting and Training of Food Safety and Quality Programs:

 Development - To define detail, scope and purpose.
 Documentation - To establish the developed detail in a viewable format to facilitate information.
 Implementation - To facilitate the application of the documentation.
 Monitoring - To review, confirm and document evidence of the implementation against documented limits.
 Corrective Action and Preventative Action - To apply "real time" interventions to documented monitoring limits.
 Verification - To review and confirm documented monitoring and corrective actions against documented parameters.
 Validation - To confirm the documented monitoring or procedural limits.
 Training, Competency and Resources - Skills, knowledge and competency requirements to facilitate development, documentation, implementation, monitoring, corrective action, verification and validation of every Food Safety and Quality System Element.

You’ll see the SoLFS method used throughout the foodindustrycompliance.com, including within the MY FOOD STANDARDS and MYFS&Q functionalities. The use of the SoLFS methodology from Development, through to the Formatting and Training of Food Safety and Quality Programs provides a consistent framework that facilitates consistent application and consistent outcomes.

Who Are We?

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